Relationship experiences “Its Complicated” !

It was a relationship that Andromeda had never envisaged happening lest of all to her . Surreal and uncanny . One day by sheer accident Andromeda
stumbled upon a man on a social networking site. She had no experience of online chatting. Although he was an accomplished internet user given his background as a programming Nerd .Neither were  expecting to find  anything,least of allBeautiful person      love.Both had endured personal tragedies in the same year 2001 and gave up on the idea that love especially on the internet could be discovered. So it was with much skepticism,and deep-seated reservations they began talking,holding back .He lived in Europe,mainland.She was  based in the Yorkshire town of Harrogate in the Uk. Since the day he first called her , mesmerized by the dulce tone of her voice over the phone, he was bewitched. never having met , yet he felt he had known her for eons . He already knew what he needed to , this was a woman  who could well be the one he had been searching for a long time.

As ridiculously clichéd it sounded, she seemed to be “the one for him” Much to the astonishment of friends and kin,they embarked upon a journey whereby every single day, he would call her . Then they embarked on a crazy flying schedule for 5 years .twice a month .All holidays and trips to other places exclusive.Since three months ago. Eventually Andromeda moved to Europe,and now she is  in the process of learning the language and assimilating myself into its fantastic culture They love each other and it still feels unreal how 2 people ,complete strangers could have been drawn into a relationship that surpasses anything one would frequently  experience in this lifetime. He took on a lot when he met her , baggage and all was an understatement.especially as Andromeda was a nervous flier and  hated the very idea of flying . As rare as it is to find someone who would invest so much of himself in making a long distance relationship work the way it did , somehow they are still together 6 years on 🙂


Clouds and Souls


She already knew deep within , the dormant soul that was presented to the world on the surface was a woman with a deep dark  An insatiable desire to yield and submit to the unthinkable. Retreating fro always m a world of mundane obligations and pressures that living wreaks upon all mortals, she would submerge herself into a world dominated by dark desires. A cavern of erotic fantasies where nothing or no one would be spared from her depraved world of sex, lust, mystique, intrigue……The un shockeable, the unthinkable,nothing an imagination can bear would unravel in her den of desire…x Anoymous

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