Holland and its quintessential cities .

Terschelling is a municipality in the province of Friesland. This beautiful idyllic island  is bordered to the north by theNorth Sea  and south to the Wadden Sea

Tourism an important source of income. In high season the island is home to more than three times as many people as in the winter. In June Terschelling venue hosts the Oerolfestival.


As fugitive woman makes her way across the North sea , here are a few snapshots of her latest footprints . The quaint island of Terschelling


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Terschelling  is home to some old traditions still maintained today. These are known as the Sunderum . A festival on December 6 in the villages Baaiduinen , Kaard , Kinnum , Midsland and Horn is held annually. In the villages of eastern Terschelling each village has its own unique board chaired  by  the neighbors  for who the sole objective is in trying to solve the problems in the village. Business issues are discussed at a meeting called Mantsjebier .These are held in some villages .Other issues are  discussed at the Bure Beer . At the meetings  there is a patriarchical tone as only the adult male population of the villages are welcome. In the villages of eastern Terschelling ,amongst the duties enshrined to its inhabitants are included, the care, the residents have for each other. This ranges from assistance in the construction of houses to organizing the burial of deceased villagers. The use by horse and cart to enjoy nature on Terschelling roads are also a salient feature of the island.

Terschelling has a vibrant choral and folk culture. Another former owner of the Sidewalk, William Fries, in 2005 opened a small West End theater.

IMAG0932 IMAG0940 IMAG0956


Terschelling is the second largest of the West Frisian Islands .The oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands, the Brandaris from 1594, welcomes visitors to the island. Good collaboration between humans and nature has resulted in a varied landscape that ranges from a shoreline to tidal marshes and forests.

Terschelling has more than 70 mostly small-scale camping sites, 11 group accommodations and more than 30 hotels/guest houses. The summer accommodations and apartments on the island have enough beds for more than 5,000 seaside visitors. The marina in West-Terschelling has mooring facilities for around 350 boats and the harbour for the ‘brown fleet’ (charter sailing ships) is often filled around 30 vessels. Apart from the harbours, Terschelling has a total capacity of around 19,500 beds.

  • ‘Traditional trades’: Farmhouses where cheese or ice cream is produced or where the typical Terschelling cranberry is processed
  • Boschplaat nature reserve (4400 ha): Unique plant species, butterflies and enormous bird colony
  • Various galleries and exhibition spaces
  • Mudflat tours
  • Wide range of food and entertainment venues

Eventsnot to be missed are :-

Oerol Festival: (11 to 20 June 2010) For an entire week, Terschelling is transformed into one big stage for art forms like cabaret, singing and dancing and attracts around 50,000 visitors annually

Island culinary specialities

  • Cranberry products


The natural beauty and quiet of Ameland called the ‘Wadden Diamond’, earned this island the Quality Coast Award in 2009. The De Hộn and Het Oerd nature reserves are also home to  some fantastic flora and fauna in addition to the island’s  rich history of whaling and merchant shipping.

Popular Tourist Attractions

  • Beach express
  • Seal watching: Boat tours to the seal colony on neighbouring sandbank
  • Horseback Rescue Team: Monthly demonstration
  • Climbing the 24-metres high ‘De Oerdblinkert’ dune
  • Picturesque villages and farms
  • Commander’s home: Oldest building on the island (1625)
  • Sport fishing/mackerel fishing
  • Ameland lighthouse (56 m)

Island culinary specialities

  • Ameland rye bread, farm cheese, mustard and catfish





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Enjoying the boat ride ! Clear skies , calm waters.














IMAG1030 IMAG1032 IMAG1033 IMAG1034 IMAG1039_BURST002_COVER IMAG1040 IMAG1041 IMAG1047 IMAG1048 IMAG1049_BURST002_COVER IMAG1050 IMAG1052 IMAG1053

Panaromic views from the Ferry crossing from Harlem in the Netherlands to  West-Terschelling,

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