Once a drifter ……………

I had “drifted” away from those I loved, until one day I spotted the shoreline…..

Life events and personal circumstances somehow put me onto a path from which I became a drifter so to speak. That did however make a significant impact on my life and the journey I have been on, opening up to situations inconceivable but true,nevertheless. Although I do consider myself ,a people’s person, and need them to thrive. Social interaction is my oxygen. I would have no qualms about attempting to make the first conversation move, forging friendships in the most unexpected of situations, airports, bus shelters, air raid shelters, doctor’s surgeries, the local tantric yoga class, spas and so forth. Once I befriended a lovely psychic woman in the jacuzzi of my  local spa! However now comes the part where everybody starts reaching out for their violins, the ominous twanging,and pulling of heart strings,complimented by the  heart wrenching chords of the cello ,as I begin…..
I met many people and drifted away from so called friends, who were continuously getting me to pick up the tabs,pay for their little expensive tastes in the name of “best friends forever” . How could I have been so blatantly naive in allowing them to manipulate my actions,a cab driver, for the most part, dining at restaurants, treating them to hair extensions and so on .In my misplaced sense of trying to please all, and my not so cool naivety, you name it ,I would bust a gut doing it with  unrestrained enthusiasm . More often than not at times a misguided loyalty in which I revered  some people , putting them on a mighty high pedestal of friendship I danced to their tune . I am sure many of us have been there also . It never ceases to amaze me how blatantly foolish I can be ,an unsuspecting, trusting soul . It was not until  my bank statements suggested otherwise, that my frivolous ways and trying to please friends and family members was not looking too healthy for my finances. I wizened up years later.I was picking up the pieces of my devastated life,  In my teeny tiny heart I harbour no regrets, no bitterness, and will welcome them back into the fold, should they choose to do .However my little forays across the North Sea and the Atlantic have taken me to places beyond my wildest dreams, as I became encapsulated in the warm embrace of a world with so much to discover and explore. My blog will take you to these places and relive the experiences time and time from the past to currant locations. It is not a typical travel blog,but in retrospect the journey of a fugitive woman and people who she meets on these escapades.
I am buzzing with eager anticipation and excitement at things to come .It is a monumental feeling,when one breaks the  surface and comes up for air, fighting through clouds of obscured mindless, pitiless traditions…creating ripples of shock waves. They observed at a distance, with much disdain and disapproval at the rebirth of a woman who had annihilated the mindset of an iron cast mould steeped in ancient tradition and folklore to become a woman with a mind of her own,still a fugitive in some respects ! How could she just dismantle the centuries old system of being a passive voiceless entity and  become an object of shame, simply because she advocated “free thinking values” and the right to be her own person . All paths lead somewhere,eventually and one hopes that maybe one of them will take me home to those I love.

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